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In Maze Race, the two players, Red and Blue, race each other through a maze to join onto the other player's path. The first player to do so, wins the game.

 Red starts at the top of the maze and Blue starts at the bottom of the maze. At the start of the game, the maze is completely hidden except for Red's and Blue's start squares. Red and Blue take it in turns to move. Each move consists of a single keystroke. The player is then automatically moved through the maze to the next square which presents them with a choice or a dead end. This then ends that player's move.

 As the players move through the maze, the hidden maze is revealed, and the path that they have taken from their start square is displayed in the appropriate color. At the beginning of the game, the route to join the other player's path is not obvious, because most of the maze is hidden. You will undoubtedly make mistakes and have to retrace your steps. As more and more of the maze is revealed, you get a better idea as to which way you should go. In the latter stages of the game it will become pretty obvious which way you should go, but one or other of the players may be caught out of position, heading towards a dead end. This will mean a desperate rush to retrace their steps to get to the inevitable point of connection.

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Click here to download the install file for Maze Race