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On this page are links to other Freeware games sites and other sites of interest to sighted gamers.

My programming friend Eric Mortimer has several interesting Freeware games on his website, written using GameMake and Delphi at: http://web.aanet.com.au/barberic/games.html

Another remake of interest is PeeJay's Maziacs, a great maze-based game where your character has to traverse a maze to recover the treasure which is guarded by many monsters called Maziacs. They try to stop you. Grab a sword to fight and kill the monsters but don't forget to top up your energy level with a bowl of rice from time to time. You get to play either Maziacs with the original graphics or the updated version with excellent newly-designed graphics which brings the game into the present day environment.

This game is an adaptation of Don Priestly's 1984 classic for the Spectrum, Maziacs and is available from http://www.peejays-remakes.co.uk

You'll find lots of other great free games on this site and you'll also be able to test games that are still in the making! All PeeJay's games are developed using Blitz BASIC and he now has a Blitz BASIC tutorial to download aimed at novices who would like to give game programming a try.

Raytoons offers plenty of free games and cartoons created by Ray Mullikin. The games currently on Raytoons include a 3-D pacman-like game, a couple of arcade games, a shootem-up game, a math game, and an RPG game for the TI-83 graphing calculator. The comics range from humor to adventure cartoons. You can find Raytoons at http://www.raytoons.funurl.com

Rudy Versele from Belgium has a nice Freeware games site at http://www.caiman.us with almost 1000 (April 2004) games to download. There are no demos, no shareware, no trials, only FREEWARE.

If you are a programmer who offers Freeware games, if you contact this site (e-mail address below), and let us know about your game/s and the address of your website, we will be happy to add a link here if you agree to reciprocate. Your games must be FREEWARE, with no nags screens, no limitations on use, and no advertisements. Contact webmaster@spoonbillsoftware.com.au