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Spoonbill Games Installer can run standalone off-line on your Windows computer and is capable of installing any or all of Spoonbill Software's games. Both sighted and blind accessible. Once you have downloaded it and installed it on your computer you can either run it from the desktop icon to install Spoonbill Software games on your computer or, you can create a data CD-R disk which then allows you to run the installer on any Windows computer with a CD drive to install games on that computer.

The display contains the following:
o A list of the available games, switchable between Sighted and Blind.
o A screen shot of the game
o A description of the game
Select a game from the list, then click the Install button to install that game. It's that simple.

Click on the link below to download the install file for the Games Installer.

It is a large file - 126 MB in size.

games installer
Click here to download the install file for Games Installer