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This game tests out your powers of observation.

Forty five faces are shown in the game window. The game consists of three rounds.  Each of the three rounds has a slightly different objective.

ROUND 1: Left click the face which matches the face outlined in red in the upper right-hand corner of the game window. Identify as many matching faces as possible within the 90-second time limit. This is your score building round. You get 100 points for each match you find.

ROUND 2: Right-click the face which does NOT have a match. You may left-click pairs of matching faces to help you keep track of those which do have partners. Your score decreases with each passing second.

ROUND 3: Left-click the two faces which match. Again your score decreases with each passing second. When you have clicked the two matching faces, the game is over. If your score is good enough you will be entered into the Top Ten.

Click here to download the install file for Faces In The Crowd