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This is a list of suggestions I have received from various people.

This is just a wish list, and whether or not a game on the list will be written in the future depends on several factors, such as how complex the game is, how popular the game might be, and whether or not I feel able to develop such a game with the expertise and the programming tools I have at my disposal. So don't hold your breath. But if I don't know of a potential demand for a game, then it will definitely never be written.

All my accessible games run on a single computer under Windows. I do not have the expertise to develop networked games, or games which can be played over the Internet. Or, for that matter iOS or Android versions to play on your mobile phone or tablet. My apologies to those who want a game they can play with their Internet buddies.

If you would like to add your vote for a game already on the list, or suggest a possible new game, feel free to email Ian Humphreys at: 

BG Spades
BG Rummy
BG Trivial Pursuit
BG Checkers
BG Ten Pin Bowling
BG Backgammon
BG Monopoly
BG Blackjack
BG Euchre
BG Tetris
BG Canasta
BG Contract Bridge
BG Bingo
BG Mahjongg
BG Poker
BG 500
BG Reversi
BG Jeopardy
BG Pinochle
BG Crazy Eights
BG Rook
BG Skip-Bo
BG Whist
BG Nine Mens Morris
BG Adventure
BG Phase 10
BG Risk
BG Trouble
BG Cluedo
BG Go Fish
BG Klabberjass
BG Chinese Checkers
BG Deal or No Deal
BG Farkle
BG Hangman
BG Milles Bornes
BG Old Maid
BG Roulette
BG Solo Whist
BG Sorry
BG Stratego
BG Cruel
BG Raceway