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From July 2010 I have uploaded all the setup files for my games onto Dropbox.com.

I do not have sufficient free space on the Spoonbill Software website to store all my games' setup files and until July 2010 I have been distributing my games by attaching each setup file to an e-mail.

This has proved awkward at times because certain e-mail addresses such as GMAIL or GOOGLEMAIL have rejected ZIP and EXE file attachments and consequently prevented me from sending my games to these addresses.

Now, instead of attaching a setup file to an e-mail, when you request a game, I just send you the link to the setup file on Dropbox, and you can download it yourself. One benefit of this, as far as you are concerned is that if you lose the setup file, instead of contacting me to send it to your again, you can just use the link to download it again - provided you have retained a record of the link, of course.

If you haven't yet discovered the benefits of Dropbox, you might like to try it for yourself. If you use the following link to create your own free Dropbox account, you and I will both receive an extra 250MB of free space for storing files.


Some benefits of using Dropbox are:
  1. All the files you store on Dropbox get automatically backed up on their servers without your having to worry about it.
  2. All the files you store in the Public folder can be shared with anyone you send the public link to. This is ideal for sharing photos with friends, and is how I allow you to download my games.
  3. On your computer, Dropbox presents itself just like an ordinary Windows folder. You can drag and drop files onto this folder and they are automatically copied onto the Dropbox server into your private space, the next time you are connected to the Internet. You can just as easily delete files which you no longer require.
  4. Dropbox retains up to 30 days of undo history for your files allowing you to undelete files you have deleted by mistake, or recover previous versions of files.
  5. And best of all - it's absolutely free!