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Released July 2018

B G Hangman is a blind accessible computerized version of the old pencil and paper game called Hangman. One player thinks of a word but does not say what it is. Instead, he writes the word as dashes on a piece of paper. One dash for each letter of the word. The other player then tries to guess the mystery word a letter at a time. If the guessed letter appears in the word, all occurrences of that letter are revealed by writing them over the appropriate dashes. If the guessed letter does not appear in the word, this is a bad guess. You are penalized for a bad guess by having one more element of the hanged man drawn on the gallows. Once all nine elements have been drawn and the hanged man is complete, you lose the game. If you guess the mystery word before the hanged man is complete, you are credited with a win.

In this version, the computer is the player who thinks of the mystery word. You are the player who must guess the word. There are also two levels of difficulty, Easy and Hard.

Click here to download the install file for BG Hangman